Still Serving the Community

We are retired public employees who spent our professional careers doing our part to make San Diego “America’s Finest City”.  From planning to engineering, public utilities to streets, parks and recreation to libraries, across the whole wide range of municipal services we are proud to have played our part.

While the core mission of REA  is to advance the social and economic wellbeing of retired City employees, we actively advocate for retirement security for all workers in both the public and private sectors, and in retirement, we are committed, both as an organization and as individuals to continue to serve the community.

Most recently we hosted a food drive for the San Diego Food Bank and have contributed $3,000 of retiree member dues to the San Diego Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. That donation, matched with $1,500 from the Dr. Seuss Foundation, provided a total of $4,500 in assistance. The San Diego Foundation has reported that our contribution was used to provide support to the San Diego YMCA annual Kids to Camp program. The program has been completely restructured to address Covid-19 restrictions and so goes on as scheduled. In addition to the camp experience this program provides for youngsters who would not normally have the opportunity to participate, it also provides some much needed relief from the costs of childcare for parents during this pandemic.

We invite you to follow REA’s community outreach efforts by accessing the links available through our periodic presence here on the “Morning Report”.