Health Care Advocacy

(Available to all City of San Diego retirees)

CareCounsel’s health advocacy program supports employees, retirees, and their families through a toll-free number staffed by expert health advocates. With CareCounsel, they have their very own personal health advocate to help them be effective healthcare consumers. Year after year, CareCounsel leads the health advocacy sector in employee satisfaction and program utilization alike.

Routinely CareCounselors:

•advocate on behalf of employees in dealings with health plans and healthcare providers;

•troubleshoot claims, eligibility and provider network problems to ensure timely delivery of care;

•coordinate with multiple parties, including health plans, hospitals, medical groups, providers’ offices, and collection agencies to resolve billing disputes;

•help employees understand and choose a health plan at open enrollment;

•coach consumers on effective healthcare navigation;

•orient to wellness, EAP, disease management, work/life and other health management programs:

•reinforce the knowledge learned during a call with proprietary healthcare tip sheets; and

•support individuals who have a health condition with disease-related information and resources