I hope you and your family and friends remain safe and well. As I write this, San Diego County has just been removed from the State’s “COVID-19 Watchlist.” Progress is being made. Let’s do our part to keep this progress going.

REA had an excellent Zoom meeting in August. There was a significant increase in the number of members who logged in and MEA General Manager Mike Zucchet gave an interesting presentation. If you missed it, remember that we now record our meetings and they can be found on our new REA YouTube channel within a week after each meeting.

Join us at our September 8th Zoom meeting. We will have Amy Abrams speaking about Maintaining Brian Health. Amy, a well-known authority on aging isues, has presented to REA several well-received topics in past years. New to Zoom? Go to YouTube and search for “How to join your first Zoom meeting.”

REA Director Chris Brewster authored a paper which we placed on our web site Resource Page (click here) regarding a recent ruling by the California Supreme Court regarding public pensions. Chris also serves as the Moderator of the San Diego Retirement Security Roundtable. (REA was a founding member of the Roundtable in 2014. A future Newsletter article will review the history, purpose, and accomplishments of the Roundtable.) Chris’ paper reviews the history of what is known as the “California Rule” and how the ruling centered around it. This ‘Rule” is a court precedent based on a ruling in the 1950’s, which has been upheld in subsequent court rulings. It limits modifications to pensions promised to employees. There have been a number of attempts in recent years by parties opposed to Defined Benefit Pensions to overturn this rule. Chris gives a detailed analysis of the latest legal challenge to the rule and where it stands today.

Hope to ‘see’ you September 8th. Stay Safe. Be Well.

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