Greetings Fellow REA members!

Greetings! Fall is here and I am thankful for some cooler weather. Our October 12th General Member meeting will again be via Zoom. We will have SDCERS’ Annual Report.

We are pleased to announce our return to in-person meetings November 9th at the War Memorial Building. Our last in-person meeting was March, 2020 and we have been Zooming ever since. Our program in November is Professor Carl Luna. He will present his annual national/local political update and he is one of our most popular recurring speakers.

A reminder that to attend our in-person meetings, you must be vaccinated for COVID. We will ask you at the door to show proof that you are vaccinated.

We gained over 70 new REA members in the last few months. I hope we get a chance to meet some of you at our upcoming meetings and events. And, as a part of our Image Enhancement Initiative, we’re rolling out our Volunteer Program (VP). Look for more information on this later in this Newsletter.