At our October 13th Zoom meeting, SDCERS executives provided an update of how its investment portfolio performed during the highly volatile initial COVID-19 period.    They also reviewed what staff did to keep member services and retiree pay processes operating smoothly despite the office shutdown due to the pandemic.  CEO Gregg Rademacher presented an inspiring talk about difficult problems and challenges becoming opportunities for growth.  He used SDCERS’ experience as a good example, reminding us of the painful history of the City pension scandals of the early 2000’s and the way that SDCERS rebuilt its management and governance structure into a pension system that is highly regarded today.

Join our November 10th Zoom General Member meeting to hear Carl Luna discuss the results of the national, state, and local elections.  Dr. Luna is one of our most popular speakers and given the historical stakes of this year’s elections, this will be a must see event. As you may remember, REA was a major sponsor of Carl’s recent and successful USD Restoring Respect Conference with Cindy McCain, the wife of late Senator John McCain.

I hope you’ve had a chance to view REA’s sponsorship of the Voice of San Diego’s “Morning Report.”  On select days, we have our name and logo prominently displayed at the top and bottom of this report which is emailed to some 30,000 readers.  We also were listed as a sponsor of the Voice’s recent Politifest.

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