Well, interesting times we’re having, or are some of you blissfully keeping clear of any news outlets?

From national to State to strictly local issues, the falsely claimed to be a Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times” – certainly applies to our lives today!

Case in point, the Proposition B State Supreme Court decision will be out soon and the smart money seems to be that the City will lose its fight to have used the ballot – pushed by the then mayor Sanders – to bypass lawfully required Meet and Confer processes. Although the result will not be likely to directly affect we already-retired folks, it is likely to be very disruptive. Watch and see.

Speaking of watch-and-see, it was great to have the opportunity to see so many of you at the SDCERS Open Enrollment event Friday! Too bad that so many of us had to come out to get help sorting out the changes; May you live in interesting times.