President Mike Bresnahan’s Message

Hello. Welcome to 2024! Where did 2023 go?! Normally for the newsletter I describe something that the Board has been doing which we think will benefit our organization.

For the first newsletter of the year, I want to do something a bit different. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is a member of REA. Our members are our greatest asset. We have continued to grow our membership and currently have over 1700 members.

The ongoing contributions of our membership is key to the success of REA and our ability to continue to attract new members. Whether it is going to our monthly meetings or annual holiday event, or participating on one of REA’s events such as donating to the SD Food Bank, your time and effort are essential for the success of REA. I invite you to attend an REA event. There you can listen to interesting speakers, meet old friends or even make new ones. I also encourage you to reach out to City retirees who are not REA members and persuade them to join our important association. 

Thanks again and take care. Have a great 2024!