Holiday Greetings to you and your families.

While I am still in Virginia as I write this, I plan to be back in San Diego in time for our January meeting.  Thanks to VP Mike Bresnahan for filling in for me during my absence. Speaking of the upcoming January meeting, I am looking forward to hearing from Voice of San Diego’s (VOSD) Scott Lewis. Our recent partnership with VOSD has been instrumental in the success of the first year of our Image Enhancement Initiative.

2020 has been the most difficult year I can remember, largely due to the COVID pandemic and the highly contentious recent election. However, with the transition finally underway and vaccines now being rolled out, 2021 should be better. Glad to know that we seniors (who are more vulnerable due to age) will be given some priority for receiving the COVID vaccine.  I urge you all to continue to wear your masks, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and get vaccinated when you get the chance.

Your REA Board recently held our annual retreat to draft our goals for next year.  Please see Mike Bresnahan’s Advocacy Committee Report for more details. We’ve also reserved the Bali Hai restaurant for next year’s REA Holiday Party (December 14) in hopes that the pandemic will be behind us by that time.

The REA Board annually announces at our Holiday Party the name of the individual who we believe significantly contributed to REA and/or retiree interests.  Since we could not hold our party this year, I am pleased to announce that this year’s awardee is Newsletter Editor Janet Wood. Janet has done an outstanding job producing the Newsletter and is finishing her 10th year in this role!  As announced last month, Janet is “retiring” as Editor to focus on other interests.

Note that Webmaster Mary Ann Stepnowsky will continue to produce the electronic version of our Newsletter. Please join the Board in commending and thanking Janet for her long and outstanding service to REA.

I hope you all have a safe and joyous Holiday Season. See you next year.