Happy New Year 2019! Your REA Board has added Dick Wilken as a new, though returning, member. The Board also established a budget and goals for 2019; look for another successful year of activities and action. Bali Hai will again be the site for our annual Holiday Party; mark your calendars for December 10, 2019. At the 2018 Holiday Party, as well as having a good time, we contributed 122 pounds of food and $1,060 for the San Diego Food Bank. At the January Board meeting, there was an extensive discussion about the investment allocations for the REA Legal Defense Fund. Due to recent stock market volatility, we had experienced losses in our investments to the point that our funding ratio had changed to 55% Money Market/45% stocks. The Board reaffirmed our 50-50 investment strategy, investing for the long term, not reacting to changes in the market.