Greetings! The holiday season is a time to reflect on the past and to celebrate with family and friends. This time is also when your Board reviews our recent accomplishments and plans new goals for the next year. As a part of that effort, I recently reviewed our REA history.

Did you know REA was first formed in 1966? Dues were $2 a year. We grew and evolved from a social organization to one that emphasized service and advocacy on behalf of our members. We were granted our 501(c)(7) non-profit status in 1985. Our dues were $1 per month in 2003 and increased to $2 in 2006 when we established the Legal Fund. As our membership grew (it is now over 1,700), we slowly expanded our mission, became more professional, and provided more services and greater value. Our future looks bright. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the many REA members who generously contributed to the San Diego Food Bank Virtual Food Drive. We reached our goal of $3,000! That money will be used to provide meals for families that may be struggling during the holidays. We are, “Still Serving the Community.”

-Dick Wilken