“May you live in interesting times” – a curse or a toast to never being bored? The more involved I am in the world around me the more there is to amaze me. I find myself fascinated by the daily news even as my own immediate circumstances are -THANKFULLY – relatively undisturbed. I often host international bicycling travelers for short stays and enjoy hearing about how life in their countries differs from the USA; in many ways, we are extremely lucky to live in the lower left-hand corner of the USA (though I have to express disbelief and embarrassment over some of the actions of the current President – sad).

In the news; 1) the US Supreme Court’s denial of the City of San Diego appeal of the California Supreme Court’s decision about Prop B – logic and justice seem to be prevailing. Now we await the State Court of Appeals to provide some direction for what’s ahead for City workers hired under Prop B. 2) the tragic shootings in New Zealand and subsequent revelations that hate-speech leads to bad actions makes it more important for us and REA to encourage more civil discourse.

REA is partnering with “Restoring Respect” an initiative of the “Institute for Civil Civic Engagement” to promote greater civility in San Diego civic dialogue. On April 17, Restoring Respect will host its annual conference at the University of San Diego; Joan  Kroc Theater rotunda from 9 AM to Noon; a worthy effort by Carl Luna and others.