Retirees: This is news that a few years back would have had the paper sellers downtown yelling,

Extra, Extra, Read all about it,………….

This news will have the elected officials and budget analysts in City Hall burning the mid-night oil. This ruling is phase one; the pension cuts were illegally place on the ballot. Now back to the Appeals Court for phase two, to evaluate a process to deal with the results. Likely to be costly.

It is most unfortunate for the city; and really unfortunate that those pushing the issue convinced each other that not only was it a great idea but that is was also legal. It points out the fallacy that just because a ballot proposition receives a majority vote that therefore it must be legal. This State Supreme Court points out the stark difference between popular and legal.

Joe Flynn, Retiree

The article “Supreme Court rules San Diego skipped key legal step in taking pension reform to voters” by David Garrick published in the San Diego Union Tribune on August 2, 2018 may be of interest to retirees. Click here to read the article.