This article “S.D. FIREFIGHTERS OK NEW DEAL” by David Garrick published in the San Diego Union Tribune on June 1, 2016 may be of interest to retirees. Click here to read the article.

Retirees: The first general salary hikes for firefighters in a decade – but they won’t take effect until the summer of 2018. Imbedded in this article you will find an understanding of staff shortages, and making up for those shortages through mandatory overtime. It’s worth noting because this is the key information often lacking in the headline grabbing articles on a firefighter making over $200,000 in a year. Of course if you add those facts it takes some of the hype out of the article.

Haven’t seen a recent calculation on the savings attributable to Prop B, but rest assured that flat lining firefighter salaries for a decade will be included. Also willing to wager that overtime made necessary by turnover and overtime was not deducted in those calculations. The downside of the Prop B ledger is missing in action.

Joe Flynn, Retiree