City of San Diego Retired Employees Association

July 12th, 2022 

July Meeting Minutes by Brad Jacobsen, Secretary

Vice-President for Advocacy Mike Bresnahan welcomed members to our first in-person meeting in over two years. He informed members that retirees can now join REA on our website. He also reminded members they are eligible for new benefits: Day Trippers, Benefit Hub, and SDSU’s Osher program.

Cynthia Queen informed members that many SDCERS staff are teleworking but ten staff members are working internally. In addition, the SDCERS offices will be opening for in-person visits.

Gregg Rademacher reported that SDCERS’ investments are doing well despite the Wall Street rollercoaster because SDCERS invests for the long run. He also reported the Chief Investment Officer Liza Crisafi is retiring and a search is on for her replacement.

Marcelle Voorhies Rossman reported that 3,300 Prop B employees have joined SDCERS. The question remaining is how to integrate the approximately 2,200 people who became City employees post-Prop B but have left City employment.


The program was Nellie Hernandez of Alzheimer’s San Diego who spoke about memory loss caused by dementia. She provided examples of types of memory loss that are normal for aging people and those that are symptomatic of dementia. She pointed out that behavioral changes such as paranoia and inappropriate behavior are not part of the typical aging process and could be signs of dementia. She provided communication tips when dealing with a person with dementia, and also provided some tips for keeping the brain healthy while aging. For more information, members were directed to the Alzheimer’s San Diego website: