City of San Diego Retired Employees Association
July 11, 2017
General Meeting Minutes

The minutes for the May 2017 meeting and the May Treasurer’s Report were approved. (There was not a meeting in June)

President Jim Baross asked for a volunteer to serve on the Nominating Committee; Clay Bingham volunteered.

Jessica Packard of SDCERS announced that the Board approved the COLA, which will appear on the July checks.


Our speaker was Paul Greenwood, Deputy District Attorney, who spoke about ways to avoid financial scams that target seniors and are a form of elder abuse. He stated that the largest number of abusers – both fiscally and physically – are adult sons living at their mother’s home. Other scammers prey on lonely older people, becoming a “friend” who eventually gains financial control. Greenwood advised against hiring caregivers through advertisements; instead, hire through a bonded, licensed agency. Keep an inventory and photos of all jewelry in case of theft, run a credit check through Experian periodically, shred documents, and in general: It’s OK to be skeptical, cynical, watchful, and questioning!