City of San Diego Retired Employees Association

May 9, 2023 

General Meeting Minutes

Vice-President for Advocacy Mike Bresnahan welcomed members.
Cynthia Queen informed members that Gregg Rademacher and Marcelle Voorhies-Rossmann could not attend the meeting as they were presenting the SDCERS budget to the City Council. She reported that SDCERS staff was proposing that the Board approve the COLA at Friday’s Board meeting. She urged members to avail themselves of all the good information on the Member Portal at the SDCERS website.
The program was Steve Cross, a docent at the USS Midway Museum. He gave a slideshow showing the history of the Midway – it never served in WW2 – but did spend time post-war in the Arctic. The ship was also part of several evacuation efforts from Vietnam and the Persian Gulf wars. He also gave a brief overview on women in the military; while the Midway was in service, only 23 job categories were open to women, all of them essentially clerical.