City of San Diego Retired Employees Association

November 14, 2023 

General Meeting Minutes

Past President Jim Baross presented a slate of candidates that the Nominating Committee is recommending for Board positions. There were no nominations from the floor.
M/S/C to elect Mike Bresnahan as President; Clay Bingham as Vice-President; and Estella Montoya and incumbents Shirley Hall and Joan McNamara as Board Members.
Cynthia Queen of SDCERS reported that the Supplemental Pension Benefit was approved and will be on the November check. Gregg Rademacher noted that the City may request refinancing of their pension funding due to budget issues.


The program was the annual visit of Carl Luna to talk politics. He was optimistic that the federal government will begin to stabilize sometime after 2024 when a new group of younger candidates are elected as the current older group decline, and the GOP self-sabotages and loses the House. Locally, he saw no opposition to Todd Gloria as mayor but suggested that Gloria needs some opposition to prompt more attention to local issues. He opined that despite the current global crises, the world is getting better.