City of San Diego Retired Employees Association
General Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2017

The minutes for the October 2017 meeting and the October Treasurer’s Report were approved.

Jim Baross presented a slate of Board members running for re-election; there were no nominations from the floor.

M/S/C to Elect Jim Baross as President; Dave Twomey as Vice-President for Programs; Mike Bresnahan as Vice-President for Advocacy; and Shirley Hall and Joan McNamara as Directors.

Jessica Packard of SDCERS reported that the Board approved issuing both the 13th Check and the Corbett check as part of the November pension payment. She also reported that video of the Annual Meeting has been posted on the SDCERS website.

Joan McNamara gave a summary of the Old Globe tour on November 13. Another activity is being planned, probably for February.

Mike Bresnahan reminded members about the lawsuit MEA is filing on behalf of employees and recent retirees whose overtime pay was miscalculated. He stressed that this is not a class action lawsuit; those affected must contact MEA to be included or benefit from the suit.


The program was our annual visit from Carl Luna, political science professor at Mesa College. Dr Luna spoke about general political and economic trends in the country. He noted that these trends do not bode well for us as a nation, that we are in danger of becoming run by corporations. In fact, The Economist has already declared that the US is no longer a “full democracy” because of the lack of power of the common citizenry. Finally, he warned that the current and future level of income disparity are pushing us into a feudal society.