City of San Diego Retired Employees Association

November 10, 2020

General Meeting Minutes

Meeting held via Zoom

Vice-President for Advocacy Mike Bresnahan greeted attendees and reminded them that the program portion of the meeting would be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel. The minutes of the October meeting were approved.

Cynthia Queen of SDCERS informed members that the SDCERS Board would be voting on the Supplemental Pension check at its Friday meeting. She also reported that the remote call center is functioning well and that additional staff is being hired. Finally, she said that members who are on Medicare will be receiving a letter about reimbursement.

Mike presented the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates for positions on the Board: Brad Jacobsen, Secretary; Karen Butler, Treasurer; and Shirley Hall and Joan McNamara, Board members. There were no nominations from the floor.

M/S/C to elect the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates


The program was Dr Carl Luna’s annual visit to apprise us of what is going on in the realm of politics. Before delivering his observations, he thanked REA for our support of his “Restoring Respect” events including the dialogue with Cindy McCain.

He noted that with a divided Federal government, nothing gets done, and that the suburbs which were once leaning Republican are now leaning Democratic, He also noted that college graduates tend to live in cities, but perhaps COVID will cause them to move into suburbs, exurbs, or smaller towns which would make those locales bluer. He felt that a lot of people have been left behind by industry and are feeling frustrated because neither party is really helping them.

On the local level, he observed that San Diego County and city are now bright blue, with Democrats now in control of the Board of Supervisors and with only one Republican on the City Council.