January 11th 2022, General Meeting Minutes

By Secretary Brad Jacobsen

President Dick Wilken reported that our Holiday Party was a success with a record 96 people in attendance despite  foul weather. Click here to see photos from the holiday party. He also reported that Treasurer Karen Butler has announced her resignation and that the Board has appointed Abby Salaiz to replace her.

Dick informed members that the Board had voted to recommend that the General Membership approve a dues increase of $1. This vote will be held at the March 8 meeting. He gave a history of REA dues and their increases, and a summary of why the Board feels the dues should be increased. More detailed information will be coming to members in advance of the March meeting.

Cynthia Queen of SDCERS announced that the release of 1099 forms is on time; members should receive the forms by the end of January. She also said that SDCERS offices are still closed to members.

Gregg Rademacher of SDCERS informed members that the Retirement fund is now 74% funded and should be fully funded by 2033.


The program was recently-retired City Independent Budget Analyst (IBA) Andrea Tevlin. She came to San Diego from Arizona to be the City’s first IBA in 2016 at the same time that the City was moving into a “strong mayor” form of governance. She related her experiences in establishing the IBA office; her recruitment of staff, often from other City departments; and her struggles to gain trust with the Mayor’s office and the Council offices during the transition. She spoke about how her office moved from budget into policy advisement and the conflicts that occurred. By the end of her career, she had worked with four mayors and 30 councilmembers, and had made both the City’s budget and Capital Improvement Program more understandable to citizens.


If you’d like to view our January Meeting on YouTube, click here.